INTEGRAL CGB - Guarantees Control

CGB – Guarantees Control, provide the control of the elements that intervene in the confirmate of a guarantees, in credit operations, in a viable way, fast, flexible, with a simple and intuitive graphical interface, facilitaling its implementation in a short period of time. Incorporates in its procces the creation of properties, registration of insurance and endorsements credir agreements and the link with the clients products.

Keeps supervisor informated, executives of the procces in wich property and guarantee are found. It allows to establish amounts of credit that are covered by guarantees and those that do not.


  • It Allows to registrer difernts kinds op propierties, requesting the especific information to each one.
  • Automates  the proccess of conformation of guarantees.
  • Properties in diferentes coins.
  • Generate accouting records automatically.
  • Consult the value cover by the guarantees.
  • Supports provisions by credit operations are more accurate.
  • The calculations of the coverage od credit are dynamic, it does assigng anny percentage or fixed value in wich it is going to cover a guarantee to a credit.

Income is obtained so that when a large number of registrations are received by fairs of houses or vehicles the income is as fast as posible.

INTEGRAL CGB - Documents Control

Documents Control, it allows to automate the flows of administration of the documents   that endorse the credit operations and to take control of the record of the same ones, of the agreements for the type of guarantee, able to  manage the request of the office and other areas of the bank thaa request the original documents, take de control of the location of the documents and to guard because they return custody or final delivery is done to the client.


  • Alerts route email of the documents incomplete or denegate.
  • Separate the functions of the adminastrates of the system and de requests of the office.
  • Controls to avoid duplicity of requests.
  • Location of the documents on line from the moment to registrer or request a document.
  • Control times for the conclussion of every process and alert of the defeated times.
  • Reports and Statics.

INTEGRAL CGB – Documents control, facilitates the management of the requests Validating on line to avoid duplicated requests or that they do not proceed, distributing the work between the personnel that attends to the requests, facilitating the generation of documents validation and sending.

INTEGRAL CGB - Legal Control

Legal Control, it allows to give monitoring the differents situations that they present to the moment to legalize an endorsement, from the moment that they present the documents, Happening for the rejection or observation to any papers, preventing with these from monitoring without concluding for lack of follow up of the in charge áreas.

Believe a digital process to be able to notify to the interested areas and give alert route e-mail to be able to complete and overcome the observations or to change the property of other one.


  • It allows define the differents reasons the observation and Rejection of the properties.
  • Alert route email of the different cases, with option  To climbing in certain time.
  • Control time for the conclussion in each process and alert of the time defeated.
  • Se asegurarán de que las excepciones puedan ser completadas en plazos establecidos.

INTEGRAL CGB - Control of Awarded Goods

Control of Awarded Goods, automates the administration of the goods or activate that they granted to the bank, since they register until they are sold or the dice of fall, they avoid or This reduces to the minimum the manual interventions.

Provides the control of the elements that  intervene in the conformation of personal property (equip, cars, cltohes, between others..) and immovable (house, lots, terrain, business premises, between others) register of expenses, safety, inventories, status, insurance, provisions, sale and coutbale information.


  • It allows adequate administration of the awarded goods or recivded in dation.
  • This allows they have the control of the provisions or reservations of agreement at the time that the institution has it in his power, When like that the legislation demands it.
  • Accelerates the labor of sale of the goods, with all the information with which it is provided and the automation of interested parties’ contacts.
  • Supports on the control of the auctions. (If the legislation of the country allows it).
  • Record of companies that will be subcontracted for the sale.
  • Record of plan of individual maintenance or for groups.
  • Control until the goods esten addressed to the person who buys it.

It takes the control of the process of sale and of the request of price, receipt of offers and sale of the goods, allows to generate a web page where the goods to the sale are published.

INTEGRAL CGB - Appraisals

Appraisals it converts in tools indispensable, for any institution financial, Whose flow of credit approval depends on the development of appraisals or evaluations and that wants to take the control, from the request of the appraisal in any of his agencies or branches, up to the printed generation of the report.

Whose flow of credit approval depends of the production of Appraisals or evaluations and this wants to take the control, of the petition of the Appraisals in any of his agencies or branches, Up to the printed generation of the report


  • It allows to appraise different types of property, requesting the information corresponding to every type.
  • It automates the process of request of appraisal.
  • To provide information to the client of the condition of his request of appraisal.
  • It diminishes the risk of not possessing important information for the take of decisions.
  • Multi coins.
  • Electronic Signature for approval of reports of appraisal. –
  • He sent automatically of e-mail for notification.

The system CGB – Evaluations, it incorporates in his processes the request of appraisal, list of the authorized appraisers, uniformity of the information of every appraisal, and report of appraisal.

CGB - Integral

El sistema (CGB – Integral), incorpora en sus procesos la solicitud de tasación, bienes, avaluos, y documentos lista de los tasadores autorizados, uniformidad de la información de cada tasación, e informe de tasación, mantiene informado a los supervisores, ejecutivos y tasadores del proceso en el que se encuentra una tasación. Permite llevar el control de tasaciones internas y externas, se puede determinar el tiempo de vigencia de una tasación y luego generar una solicitud de tasación automática e incorpora una firma electrónica para la aprobación de las tasaciones.

AYV - System of Actions and Values

AYV – System of Actions and Values, it is a tool that allows the institutions to automate the processes for the administration of the shareholders, certified of actions, different administrative transactions, take the control of the assemblies in the different processes.

He administers the requests of different transactions (purchases, I pay dividends, etc.) already be that they realize it from an office, an electronic channel or appear personally to the head office.


  • The shareholders’ only List (juridical and natural person)
  • Automates the process of creation of certificates of actions.
  • Allows to realize increases and capital decrease.
  • Standardization of the process of convening of assemblies
  • Allows to define representatives of permanent shareholders helping to shape this way the quorum that is needed.
  • Projection and calculation of dividends for the shareholders, allowing to select the form of payment, already is in cash or re-investing the benefits.

AYB It possesses the only census of all the shareholders, is an application multicompany, in addition provides reports real time information, every transaction generates countable records that can be parametrized.

CCR - Control of Regulative Fulfillments

System that allows to automate the follow-up for the fulfillment of preparation and he sent from the information to the regulatory entities, from the moment define the activities, calendars, civil servants, etc.

It defines dates in which the information must be prepared and envoy, on the system not having be fulfilled by them sends notices to the supervisors of the managers. Extensions or exceptions can be registered in some punctual activity, also you fine or sanctions imposed for lack of fulfillment, indicating the motive of the same ones.


  • The user defines the activities to expire for regulatory entity.
  • A person in charge exists to prepare the information.
  • There exists a person in charge of the sending of the information.
  • Sending of alerts route e-mail for follow-up.
  • Sending of alerts route e-mail for not fulfillment of dates.
  • Record of the documents that give legal sustenance to the activities to realize, resolutions, circular letters, etc.
  • Allows a suitable administration of the different activities to realize.
  • An alone system to expire with the requirements in the group companies financier.

SaaS - Software Como Servicio

Inside the offered technologies, All In Software puts to disposition the development of Software as Service, which works across a subscription, providing this way of a stable, reliable and sure platform for the users. In this shared environment, every user forms a part of a user group. The advantages offered by this technology are:

  • Less initial expense, and fewer risk.
  • Update and new immediate functionalities.
  • More agile and rapid Support.
  • Reduction in costs of technology.
  • Short period of implantation.
  • Availability in any device.

The systems that will be published in these services will be the whole Responsive and will possess support to be solving doubts or situations that appear to our users . With accessible costs and reliable forms of payment.

Systems that were thrown in this modality

  • CCR Control of Regulative Fulfillment
  • CAF Accounting service

CAF - Accounting service

This system allows to automate and to improve the countable processes to be able to possess exact information of any period at any time, allowing agility in the countable record and flexibility in the generation of reports, offering this way, to the countable area, more independence in the execution of his processes. (Soon).


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